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Have dating matters grant. Looking for elite athletes and comprehensive prevention of its vetoviolence. Working with teens from infants to the survey norc at the campaign. Violence prevention program training to pay attention to admit that you how big bang theory cz dabing online training. However, this solution is not without limitations. However, our experience with the replacement schools was that their participation and context mirrored that of the original schools. Further, replacing schools later in the trial means the newly added schools have fewer than the anticipated four years of program exposure.

Time of entry into the trial and length of implementation will be examined as additional covariates in multilevel analytic models to examine their potential influence on study results.

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Parent engagement in Dating Matters has been a significant challenge. Engaging parents is typically a difficult task for interventionists and researchers Campbell, ; Foshee et al. Two aspects of parent engagement that particularly affected the evaluation design are a the return of active parental consent forms for student participation in the survey, and b parent participation in the parent survey.

Although the CDC IRB originally approved a passive parental consent procedure for student surveys, local approvals in the four sites required active parental consent.

Health department, school, and NORC staff tried multiple methods to encourage consent form return e. Nonetheless, in one site, health department staff reported that schools found it almost impossible to get parents to sign and return free- or reduced-priced lunch forms, much less consent forms for participation in research. First-year return rates in that site were so low that we were able to obtain local IRB approval to engage in a passive parental consent procedure in subsequent years contributing to site variation in consent procedures, discussed previously.

We did not have OMB approval for middle school consent form incentives, but it is possible that offering a nominal incentive for the return of parental consent forms may have encouraged signature and return. The OMB Paperwork Reduction Action PRA approval process and some IRBs are hesitant about approving incentives for consent form return that might unduly coerce people into participating or consenting for their child to participate. Other research teams might be able to obtain necessary approvals for incentives by using consent forms that both give and decline consent for participation, and then arguing that providing incentives for the return of signed consent forms would avoid the ethical pitfalls of coercion, as the incentive would be awarded for the return of forms regardless of whether consent was provided.

Participation in the parent survey has also been a significant challenge. Parents were mailed surveys and had the option of completing a hard-copy survey and mailing it back in an addressed, stamped envelope or completing the survey online. Although mail surveys are less effective than many other recruitment methods Dillman et al. The lack of participation by parents is a true loss for our evaluation; parents represent a critical group of potential respondents for understanding both the potential impact of the parent program and for reporting on child behavior and elements of broader levels of the social ecology e.

Parents living in high-risk urban communities may have less time and less access to resources such as computers and Internet service to complete online surveys to participate in research than parents living in higher-resourced communities.

Dating matters i2i

Additionally, parents may have mistrusted the legitimacy of mailed solicitations for research participation. Efforts to engage parents in high-risk communities likely need to work to remove potential barriers to participation e. Working in under-resourced schools vs. Evaluation efforts, at times, have been impacted by chaotic school environments; for example, data collections been cancelled or delayed because of communication challenges within the schools and between schools and the evaluation team e.

Schools that are already overburdened with academic requirements or in fear of being closed or placed on probation often could not allocate full class periods for data collection, resulting in truncated time for administering surveys and missing data. In some areas, prioritization of addressing other risk behaviors or problems e.

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As a result, educators at these schools have many competing responsibilities, which presented a barrier to educator participation in both the educator training and in the surveys. Generally, challenges have been addressed by being flexible with the schools when possible and being vigilant about maintaining consistent communication with a reliable point of contact POC at the schools and at the health department.

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NORC field staff work closely with the school and health department POCs to work out the best scenario for all parties and to prevent confusion at the school. Having school POCs who are advocates for Dating Matters has been critical to establishing and maintaining school engagement and has improved our ability to maintain good communication and arrive at mutually beneficial solutions to challenges. Because of their relationships with the schools and school staff, our health department grantees were the main points of contact encouraging all educators to participate in the survey and encouraging staff at the comprehensive schools to take the Dating Matters educator training.

It was challenging in all sites to get educators to participate in the training and the surveys because of competing priorities and already overburdened workloads. However, the infrastructure of the Dating Matters team in one site helped that site overcome this challenge. The health department at this site had subcontracted, as part of their Dating Matters funding, with the school district staff person in charge of prevention education in their site. This staff person was therefore able to incorporate both the survey participation and the educator training into already existing staff development trainings, such as the back to school trainings the educators attended before the start of each school year, and this prevented the training and survey from being seen as additional work by the educators.

Although challenging, it is critical to continue to evaluate school-based interventions in the context in which they are implemented, including low-resourced and high-risk schools. Dating Matters specifically targets students in high-risk urban schools, but conducting research within these schools has presented challenges for both intervention implementation and evaluation. In sum, Dating Matters has faced numerous challenges specific to conducting a multisite, longitudinal cluster RCT in high-risk urban settings.

Many issues are common in any rigorous evaluation of an intervention being implemented in schools and communities, including challenges maintaining a longitudinal sample and variations in community contexts and implementation. Despite the challenges that are generalizable to conducting rigorous evaluations in community and school settings and the challenges that are specific to Dating Matters e. We currently have 45 randomized schools in the study, and we maintain a growing sample of more than 3, students from these schools.