Do house and cuddy ever hook up

No man would stand up to Cuddy like he does if he didn't realize that he could lose every argument. House and Cuddy are not the perfect couple, but what couple is?

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I think, especially after the events of "House's Head" and "Wilson's Heart," House is going to need someone in his life who accepts him for who he is and understands how he thinks. That person is Lisa Cuddy. In the season-four episode "Don't Ever Change," Wilson wonders what about his relationship with Amber is bothering House so much. Later agreeing that Amber is the female "proxy" for House, Wilson tells him, "Why not date you?

We've known each other for years, we've put up with all kinds of crap from each other, and we keep coming back! There's a history in television of best friends slowly becoming something more, from The Wonder Years to Friends. The romantic coupling of House and Wilson transforms the strongest relationship on the show to an even more dramatically rewarding one. It's a logical progression: House and Wilson already form the most entertaining, enduring couple of House.

If the plot of last season's finale and the 16 million viewers who tuned in prove anything, it's that the way House's friendship with Wilson evolves is of interest to the show's fans. Their friendship could also be a foundation for the most complex, captivating romance primetime has seen in years. More importantly, a mutual respect exists between the two doctors that House rarely affords anyone else.

Wilson can match House's wits, often providing the clue that solves the week's case, and together they pepper the show with humorous banter and penetrating insight that showcases their chemistry and understanding of one another. Viewers know for certain that House is invested in Wilson's welfare: Numerous subplots revolve around House's preoccupation with Wilson's love life. For four years, we've watched House radiate jealousy towards Wilson's girlfriends and wives, most notably but not exclusively in episodes where Cuddy and Amber are seen as his competition. When Wilson lied in season three about having slept with Cuddy, House looked crestfallen—the same look he wore a year later when discovering the identity of Wilson's new girlfriend, Amber.

It's not the women House wants to have to himself. House's feelings for Wilson are evidenced subtly in episodes like "Family" and "Fools for Love," but more acutely by his uncharacteristic "I love you" to Wilson in "97 Seconds. Between House and Wilson, unending loyalty abounds while tension roils beneath the surface—all the necessary elements are there for a classic friends-turned-lovers story to finally provide House with that elusive happiness he's been missing.

Have an alternate viewpoint? Some kind of strongly worded statement about the romantic storylines on House?

Remember, he sent a txt to Wilson's ph? House was tripping, luckily he came down in time to get out of there. I think he wanted to die, but Wilson needed him more. Finally sombody got it. House is dead and Wilson being near death himself has House as his alter ego now, so wilson can be complete..

I can almost forgive the show ending because of this finally. I understand your statement because I do have a disability and use a walker to walk but in my dreams I never use a walker. Not needing a walker means freedom for me to dance and run the way I used to. Every episode of House takes us through a medical mystery that is always solved by the time the credits roll. I love how, in the end, the writer and creator of House, MD left us with with a mystery to solve on our own, as part of a team. This is great television. House had lost his fake wife, who he grew to love, his BFF was dying, he was battling his addition again, thanks to Creepy Cruddy I like her as an actress, but hated her character flaws , and could be sent back to prison at anytime.

Had it not been for his love of Wilson, he might not have fought to survive. Nobody above seemed to realize that the final song — "Enjoy Yourself, it's later than you think" was at the core of the finest moment of the finest episode of House, season 5's "Under My Skin. Turns out it was all a hallucination.

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And we learn that when he's sitting in a diner, and suddenly Amber is on stage, beautifully lit dark and scary, singing slow and sweet "Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think. Fast Forward to the ending — Cab Calloway singing the same thing in a much more upbeat version. I lost House and Kristin Wiig in less than 48 hours, what will I watch now???? I realized it was the same song, and I agree about that being one of the best moments of the show.

I was thrilled with the final episode. As long as Cameron and especially Amber came back, I would have been satisfied. Did anybody else notice the reference to Dead Poets Society? Plus, it's kind of a message the show is leaving us with: Janet, Didn't he lose his cane when he fell thru the floor? I liked the ending, thought it was written well.

Glad they rode off, till death do they part, Wilson needed House. The ending had it's flaws, YES, just like the main character did. Lisa wasnt in the last season cause they wouldn't give her a raise, if i read correctly and recall, they wanted her to come back making "less" and she said no. The ending was appropriate and I enjoyed it. I have enjoyed House throughout all eight seasons. Like any intelligent series that has run this long, the strain in the writing begins to show, but the performance of Mr. Laurie and company never wavered.

Sorry to see it end, but as Mr. Laurie said, it was time, and it was good to end it on their terms.

I guess i must have started watching a different show. I thought it was crummy, and boring, and switched off early. The House and Wilson characters have always seemed to me to be the most well-developed and well-acted , so I was content with the focus of the end of the series. I haven't read the entire blog so may be repeating what has already been said.

I thought that House did die in the fire and the end was Wilson imagining House as he would have liked him to be in life. Surely much more plausible Of course, it's all fiction anyway so there is no 'real' answer. The Article states a good question.

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Why the internal trip and all the talking to the dead if he was not suicidal to begin with? Did he or didn't he plan the whole thing? Based on the past, of course. It seems to me the whole thing was planned but upon waking up from his heroin party he forgot why he was there another puzzle.

Well he sobered up a bit and remembered.

House MD Season 7: House and Cuddy finally have sex!

That is when he made his escape. So, the final puzzle was saving himself. It was planned from the start with a brief drug induced forgetfullness. With enlightenment in his eyes he declared "but I can change. Because if he didn't "play" with the idea it would have been just plain boring. I loved how it ended when he flew off into the sunset in his private jet singing and drinking a beer. I thought that was a cool ending. IT'S over but felt pretty good after, house finaly releaved of his medical responsabilitys might just develop into something different as far as a human being.

Pehaps wilson will live five years not five months maybe house will eventualy tell his russian wife how he reaily felt, I thought she was his best foil ever, ufortunatley it will be probably from a jail cell because he may get several years in prision for fraud Loved the ending but wish that they played the angle of wilsons cancer more in the season. Beginning was pretty interesting while house had his ankle bracelet on, then things got kinda boring during the middle.

When things started to develop with the other characters, they announced wilsons cancer and kind of left everyone else out, without really finishing any of those story arcs.

Lisa Cuddy

They could of did more episodes leading up to the last 2, but overall, the finale was very satisfying. I would have handled the finale differently myself, simply by adding one scene after Wilson's and House's "ride into the sunset": It would have given the finality the series deserved.

Your suggested ending would have violated the whole atheist theme that ran through the entire series. House wouldn't have been the only one furious to find out there was an afterlife! But Marco, I believe that IS what happened It exploded as soon as his head popped up! Plus, when he met Wilson on the steps, he had no cane. House is seen supposedly crushed by burning debris, the place explodes, and yet, and yet, House sprinted to the rear of the place — let's say to a rear exit feet from where he stood — a second before this all happened.

Just slipped out thru the rear. May as well have written that it was all a dream.

I have been a fan of this show from the start. I am going to miss it. The ending was extremely well done and uplifting for all involved. Excellent writing, acting, casting, sets, I can't say enough good about this show. A well deserved congratulations to all involved for a job well done. Very pleased with the finale! Liked the way Wilson and Foreman finally took a stand and were able to firmly tell House "No'.

That was the difference, in previous seasons anyone that tried to be firm ultimately and predictably caved.